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Fantastic portrait works about the
Symbiosis of man and nature



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about the artist.

Artist for fantastic portrait painting

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Peppa is a portrait artist and qualified graphic designer with her own studio in picturesque Mellingen, Switzerland. Growing up in northern Germany, she acquired the basics for creative design and various drawing techniques during her graphic design studies. She inherited the artistic talent from her father, who was a talented graphic designer and artist. Her passion for portrait painting has accompanied her throughout her life. She creates expressive, slightly melancholic portrait works in fantastic utopian landscapes.

painting technique

The current works are an expressive fusion of digital and traditional painting. Digital painting is very similar in technique to traditional painting. It does not replace the artist's skills, but supports them and opens up new design horizons. The artwork is digitally hand-painted stroke by stroke, then printed on gallery-quality artist canvas (Printed in Switzerland) and finished with acrylic paints and texture paste. This creates an original with beautiful structure and colors that retain their luminosity for a lifetime. The painting style is full of energy and joie de vivre, just like herself.

behind the art

The creative figurative works show the relationship between humans, animals and nature in a mystical and dynamic way. Peppa is a great nature lover and wants to encourage people to protect nature with her works! Everything flows together, nothing in nature exists on its own. The natural, light and flowing should be recognizable in the structure of the individual strokes. Their intention: We must protect nature, take care of it and rediscover how we can be a part of nature. Because nature does'nt need us, but we need nature.

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